Do existing users have to reinstall the zoom app after webhooks are added

We would like to start using webhooks to add features to our zoom app (the event created/updated/delete events). My initial testing shows that we don’t receive notifications for existing users until they reinstall the zoom app despite no change in scopes.

Is this the expected behavior? Is there an easy/recommended way to have webhooks turned on for existing users?

Hi @devind thanks for this question. This can be a little confusing at first so hopefully I can clarify a bit.

The answer is yes this is intended behavior that users would need to ‘reinstall’ as you say or authorize the additional data to be sent over. Depending on the webhook, certain view scopes are required so if they weren’t already authorized by a user due to not being in the integration yet, it would require the user to approve the use of it.

A simple example of this would be if an integration already had ‘view your meetings’ scope but the developer adds ‘recording started’ webhook. In that case, ‘view your recording’ scope will automatically be added since its required for that webhook. So if new scopes are accessed by the integration, users need to reauth to be informed and grant access to the new scope(s).

Hope that helps and thank you for developing with Zoom!