App update published, but new webhook events are not being sent for existing app installs


Last week, I published an update to my app which added webhook events. Days later, users who had installed the app prior to update are still only pushing the initial set of webhook events, and are not pushing any of the events added in the app update. The update did not increase or change auth scopes.

Background and steps to reproduce

  1. When I initially published my app, I listed several webhooks including “user.updated”. This meant that my app required scope user:read:admin.
  2. Next, several clients installed the app, which we’ll call Version A.
  3. Then, I decided to add a webhook for “user.created”. I resubmitted the App and it was approved and published, to what I’ll call Version B. Version B didn’t change scopes, so according to documentation, all clients should have been upgraded to this version instantly.
  4. A few days later, I was helping one of my Version A clients, and noticed the “user.created” webhook was not being sent, even though “user.updated” was being sent.

In short, clients on initial published version A did not get upgraded to published version B with the new webhooks, even though they should have…

I’m confident this is a zoom bug and not on my end. I’m receiving plenty of zoom events on my endpoint just fine. I manually helped this “version A” client create an new user, which definitely should have generated a “user.created” event, but my logs show only subsequent “user.updated” events this client’s new user.


App info for “Automata MB Link for Zoom”:

Hello @isaac

Thank you for bringing this up, so in this situation can you please have the users having the issue re-install the integration, we are working on a resolution for this issue very soon and it is a known issue.

Regards, Kwaku

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