Do I need to publish my app to marketplace for Oauth integration?

I need to integrate my webapp with Zoom APIs. For this purpose, I chose the path of Oauth integration (they have also provided a sample oauth started app: GitHub - zoom/user-level-oauth-starter. Using this starter app I was able to integrate with Zoom APIs for fetching access and refresh token. But this integration only works for the user account (my developer account) with which I created an app in Zoom marketplace. In reality, I want my enterprise customers to be able to create Zoom meeting link from within my webapp using their Zoom credentials (using the standard Oauth work-flow shown in Zoom documentaion: Integrations (OAuth apps) (
For my use case, do I really need to publish the app to Marketplace ? If yes, why is that needed ? Because of the privacy concerns, we can’t share our app to the public.
Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
Yes, you will need to publish your app since it will be making API calls on behalf of third-party users.
Here is a link to our Docs on what you need to publish and app in the Zoom Marketplace:


Ok. Thanks. Publishing the app is demanding too much documentation. We being a start-up it is almost next to impossible to provide all docs. How can I get some help in this regard ?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change this, you will have to undergo app review to be able to publish you integration @NKM

Is it viable for your customers to use a Zoom user that belongs to your account (you’d probably create the user on their behalf)? If so, your OAuth app can remain unpublished. We use this internally to confirm that the correct user is signed into Zoom before redirecting them to Zoom’s web site, but it will only work for users that belong to our account.

The issue with using my account is that all meetings will be hosted in our account and then also the associated charges will be incurred under our account. Moreover enterprise users prefer to use their own company’s Zoom account for hosting meetings, etc.
Well, I am going ahead with app publishing process. I may need your help with that and will contact you again here.

I followed the steps for publishing the app but the Submit button remains grey and there is no error shown. Also the “Request to share” button is not shown. Last week I had submitted the app for review and it was rejected citing some specific reasons. Which I completed but now ‘Submit’ button is not enabled. Refer attached screenshots (Gdrive link):