Do I need to register on the Marketplace?

We are planning to launch a service that allows online business negotiations using Zoom. Membership management and schedule adjustment are handled by in-house development. Use Zoom only for online deals.

Since the system developed in-house has a membership management function, an account for using this service is issued for each user. I’m thinking of linking this issued account with a Zoom account created by each user in advance for business negotiations. In this case, do I need to register in the marketplace? We are planning to release the service in late July, and the system we are developing is about to be released, so I asked a question.

In terms of mechanism …
Account that implements the application → Our Zoom account
Accounts linked for business negotiations → Zoom account of each user
It is an image such as.



アプリを実装するアカウント → 弊社のZoomアカウント
商談用に連携するアカウント → 各ユーザーのZoomアカウント

Hi @urokonnect,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and happy to help clarify!

To that end, if you will be creating user profiles for individuals under your own Zoom account, you will not need to register/publish an OAuth app on our Marketplace. You can create users via API using either a JWT or private OAuth App for provisioning within your own Zoom Account.

However, if you will be linking existing Zoom users (under separate Zoom accounts from your own), this will require an OAuth integration where your end users (external to your own account) can authorize your integration. This would require a published OAuth App on our Marketplace, and would require you to follow our App Submission process:

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you have additional questions about this.


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