Zoom Integration - Is it necessary to publish to the marketplace?

I work with BookingHawk[dot]com which is a scheduling system. It is similar to Acuity or Calendly. We would like our users to be able to connect their BookingHawk[dot]com account to Zoom so that when they create a new Yoga Class in our system, the meeting will automatically create in their Zoom account.

Is it necessary for me to have integration published in the App Marketplace? We really don’t invisage people browsing the app marketplace and then creating an account with us. Instead, they already have an account on BookingHawk[dot]com and will want to connect it to their Zoom account.
Am I going about this in the correct way by using an Oauth App?

For example, I am confused as to why we need a Deauthorization URL. When a client no longer wishes to use our system, they close their account with us. If the client no longer wants to use Zoom with our system, we provide a ‘Disconnect Zoom’ button. They never ‘uninstall’ our system/web site as it is a system as opposed to a mobile app.

Thank you for your help.

Hey @niall,

Yes, you will want to have your app published to the marketplace so external Zoom users to your own account can install /authorize the app.

Here is a guide on best practices for having your users OAuth from BookingHawk instead of the marketplace:


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