Does app reviewer take extra time to approve Unpublished app on changing URL?

I have an unpublished app undergoing a reviewing process. I modify the Redirect URL for OAuth to the dynamin form for accepting all sub-domains using ‘any’ keywords.

Old URL: .
New URL: .

Can you please confirm, if it will delay our app approval time in any way?

Hi Alok,

Can you please share your app name and its production clientID? If you prefer sharing via a DM, feel free to do so.

That being said, I suggest collaborating with your reviewer by providing comments and questions directly in your app submission. If all issues are resolved, you should pass the Functional review phase (first phase of the review process) and work with a Security reviewer for the Security review phase (second and last phase of the publishing process). After that, you should be on your way to be published on our Zoom App Marketplace and provide the best possible experience for your users.

In the meantime, here is the section of our documentation which explains how to use the “any” keyword: OAuth for user authorized apps.


Hi Virginie,

App Name: ‘iinsight’

Please let me know if you have any suggestion to expedite approval process.


You passed the Functional review phase and are now in the queue for the Security review process. We review submissions on a first come, first serve basis.

As explained in my previous post, the length of the publishing process depends on the quality of the submission (you passed the first phase in 5 days, well done!) and how you collaborate with your reviewer (how fast and efficiently you can resolve all items we flag).

You will be assigned a Security reviewer soon, please address their comments in a timely manner, ask questions within your submission if needed and you should be on your way to being published.


Hi @virginie.zoom ,

Thank you for your reply!

We have four subdomains with different databases according to the region:

We followed your references for the subdomain

We are not sure about how zoom supports with dynamic deauthorization URLs, as we will be having 4 different deauthorization URLs for 4 subdomains.

It will be really helpful if you can share any related document or supporting link that how can be wade through.

Hi Alok,

In this case, another option would be to submit 4 different apps to our Marketplace (1 app/region) using their respective subdomain.

There are many examples on our Markeplace:

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Hi Virginie,

It’s been more than a week since the application( iinsight ) on the status of ‘Security Review’ and we haven’t gotten any updates from your Dev team. Please share the update of the application.

Hi Alok,

It looks like your Zoom Security reviewer just sent your submission back to you today. Can you please check and make sure you received it?


I needed to modify the Redirect URL from a specific subdomain to a more flexible wildcard subdomain. After making this adjustment, I noticed that the app review process seemed to be delayed. The new Redirect URL was intended to support a broader range of subdomains, but I’m concerned that this change might have triggered additional scrutiny or raised security-related questions during the review.