How many time it takes Zoom App Security Review?


We submitted our application for security review on the 28th of September after passing the functional test on the 27th of August. I want to understand when the security review would start.

We would really appreciate it if you could provide us with an expected time frame for when our app will be published.

We have launched our product and this is a key feature.


@yaye Our team reviews apps on a first come first serve basis. I dont think they have an ETA for the turn around time, but they get back to you within 7 business days.

Thanks so much for your answer @ojus.zoom

We submitted a change more than 7 days ago and still waiting. It’s really hard wait too many time for later having an aswer asking for a change and wait again 7 days more and so on.

This back and forth too long is so difficult for launching an app. We’ve already been here more than 3 months.

Please help us to acelerate the process.

Thanks in advance

@yaye apologies for the inconvenience caused. can you open a ticket with our developer support and send them your app details so they can check on the details for your app?

Done! thanks @ojus.zoom I’m still waiting so I hope this could be reviewed soon.


Hi Zoom team, we are still waiting from more than 2 weeks without any response.

I’ve submitted a support ticket as well 6 days ago and don’t have any answer.

@elisa.zoom I see you are active on other similar post. Can you help me? cc @ojus.zoom

Thanks in advanced

can you please provide me with the ticketID?


Of course @ojus.zoom this is the Id #15606936 I’ve just replied it.

Thanks so much for your help

Thanks, someone should be taking a look at this one

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Hi @ojus.zoom finally the app has been published. I’d like to thank you for your help.


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Glad to hear your App is published. Thank you for sharing this update with us, @yaye !

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