OAuth Fresh App Approval Process

We have prepped our new OAuth Zoom app using the “Production” credentials of the App on our testing environment. All the event subscriptions, deauthorization endpoints are working flawlessly. We want to now publish the zoom app onto marketplace. We are going to verify our domain (https://foo.tld) before submitting approval request

Since we are on a very tight schedule to release the zoom app to our clients, I was wondering if we can get the app approved using the current version of it (Production credentials of the app on our testing environment (hosted on https://dev.foo.tld)). For Redirect URLs, We will whitelist (https://dev.foo.tld, https://prod.foo.tld) before the approval request. (https://prod.foo.tld - Will explain below)

I have following questions:

  1. After the app is approved, I want to use the same application (Production credentials) but with the modified URLs for event subscriptions, deauthorization and Visit Site to Install URLs (hosted on https://prod.foo.tld). Will any change to these will trigger re-verification of the app.?

  2. If there is any field amongst URLs (URLs for event subscriptions, deauthorization and Visit Site to Install) which doesn’t trigger re-verification, please specify?

  3. I can confirm that the new URLs will be under the same domain which we will verify before submitting the app for approval, if that changes the situation.?

  4. If there is a need for re-verification, what will be a practical timeline for the upgrade assuming that the our app functionality will be exactly similar except the modifications in the endpoints as suggested above.?

Hey @developervmock,

Any change to your app will require an app review, and if you add any scopes or webhook events, the users will need to “Update” your app to get access to the new features.

Just changing urls won’t require a user to reauthorize your app, but it will need to go through an update request.

That is good! :slight_smile:

Update requests do not take as long as a review. They can usually happen within a day.


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