Does create meeting start url works in HTML5 iframe?



I am working on Zoom API to create a zoom meeting application. I want to use the start_url to launch a zoom meeting inside my web application, such as using a HTML iframe, however, if using iframe, it will take over my whole screen which covers my web application. Is any way, I can limit zoom meeting interface inside my application?


Hi Volute, 

It is possible to use HTML iframe using our webclient ({meeting-number}/join), however our web client is not responsive to iframe at this time. 



Thank you so much for the answer. I have tried for the sample-app-web, it works, however, i used an iframe tag like this: 

<iframe src=“http://localhost:9999/”></iframe>, it works ok. However, after I click leave meeting,  zoom home page automatically occupied the whole screen. Is there anyway to solve this, like maybe open a new tag for Zoom homepage instead of replacing my original web app URL. 

Or use other technologies instead of iframe tag to enable zoom meeting live insdie of another web app? 

Thank you!



Hi Volute, 

Currently our webclient does not have the capability to open a new tag after clicking leave meeting. Unfortunately, thats the only workaround solution we have right now. I’ll reach out to our Engineers to see if they can release new web client features for embedding in the near future. 



Thank you so much for those information and such quick response