Does license apply to developer account or user account

We’ve noticed that some large sessions are failing at high numbers of user’s when using the Web SDK in our website.

Would the limits on the number of people allowed into the webinar (hosted using the Web SDK) be based on our own developer zoom account or the account that is creating the webinar?

I should mention we do already have a pro account.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Hi @patrickcollings ,

The limits for # of participants are based on the licensing type of the host. Do you have a co-host taking over the meeting with different licensing?


Hi Gianni,

Thanks for the info.

So developer account should have no impact, it’s the host that creates the webinar which sets the limit? That’s great to know.

I don’t believe there is a co-host (we’re not sure of the exact numbers but it looks to be 3 sessions with around 300~ people) but we were just trying to confirm whether our license is blocking.


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Okay great! Best wishes!


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