Does the Android Zoom app use the Zoom android SDK?

We plan on integrating our app with the SDK APIs,
but we would like to know what kind of support we can provide with Zoom Android SDK hosted on github
(We want to able to gauge the extent of functionality that is supported by the SDK ?)

As an extension does the Zoom SDK itself internally use the REST APIs documented here

(Overall, the answer to this question would help us in our decision on whether we should be using the Android SDK or the Rest APIs)

Which version?

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Hey @anagaraju

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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the automated answer does not answer my question :slight_smile:

Hi @anagaraju,

The Zoom SDK is for the in-meeting experience, it allows you to integrate Zoom meeting experience into your own application. Zoom REST API is about making REST API requests. These 2 products are mainly for different purposes so you may choose to use any of them based on your use cases.

Please have a try with the Android SDK demo app:


Hope this helps.

Thanks Carson,

think we are talking about slightly different things here.

Does the Zoom Android app itself use the same Android SDK, Zoom has shared publicly on github?

Hi @anagaraju,

Unfortunately, I do not know and I have no insight on that. Thanks!

ok, thank you.

On a similar note
The REST APIs have a limit of 100 APIs per day
Does the Android SDK have a similar constraint ?

Hi @anagaraju,

The Android SDK is rate limited as well, but it is unlikely that this limit will be an issue while implementing the SDK. Is there something in particular in your use case that you are concerned will exceed the rate limit?

Nothing in particular.
We are evaluating whether we must use the REST APIs or the SDK.
If SDK were not subject to the same limitation as the REST APIs, then it would’ve been a +1 for SDK

Anyway this answers my question.

Thank @jon.zoom .

Happy to help! While we do not have publicly available information on the Android SDK’s method of rate limiting, it may vary from how rate limiting is handled for the REST API. One example of how a different type of rate limiting is handled can be found in the web SDK docs.

Hopefully this helps better inform your decision!

this helps, thank you