Does the JWT EOL Announcement apply for FedRAMP customers?


Zoom announced an EOL for JWT Authentication, does this apply for FedRAMP customers? If so, how can we allow our FedRAMP customers still use the app?

Hey @yusof.yaghi
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I will ask internally about FedRAMP customers and will come back with an update.

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Have you had a chance to ask?

Hi @yusof.yaghi
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The dates announced for the EOL of the JWT app type, do not apply to our FedRAMP customers.
As soon as I know the dates I will let you know, but for know, you are fine.

This is great! Thank you!

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Any update on this? As of 9/15 JWT is still working on our zoomgov account. Wondering how much time we have left?


Hi @src.jim
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Unfortunately, I do not have a date yet but I would suggest that you start implementing the migration to Server to Server OAuth to guarantee a smooth transition