Does Zoom accept other Live Streaming sources with RTMP?

We do have a lot of speakers and guest speakers around the world, host many meetings/classes in our company which we try but can’t always force our speakers to conduct classes on Zoom but we want and can control our participants (staff/student/paid members) to use only Zoom client. So in case the speaker insists using their own preference like Webex, Vimeo to live their classes, does Zoom accept external streaming source while the participant can join in Zoom client?

At the same time, the best case is we could also leverage Zoom security to restrict the meetings/classes that can be consumed by the invited registrants only.

Your soonest reply is much appreciated.

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I’d like to second this question.

We do have the scenario where we have two different Zoom meetings where in between we’d like to stream the keynote speaker of one meeting into the other meeting.
As both rooms have different content before and after the main talk and access control happens differently, breakout rooms are not an option.

Any suggestions besides having the host of the second meeting share the video of the first meeting manually?

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We do have a similar szenario. We like to mix multiple video sources and feed into zoom as stream. Also we like to bring one source to multiple streams as described above. Did any of you find a solution for this?

This is a question I would also like answered