Access to video/audio/breakout

Any plans for APIs or other access to the actual video and audio of meetings? All your APIs and developer stuff here seems to be about just peripheral administrative things like setting up meetings and inviting people, etc. Whereas the stuff that would be really interesting to get creative with is the actual streams. 

For example, being able to embed either gallery view or individual streams in a web page. Or showing them in a different order than the seemingly random arrangement you have. Or multicasting them in another format.

Or, being able to send video input from different sources into zoom. For example, you don’t have a way of sharing a screen or window as my stream into the meeting, without taking over everybody’s screens for sharing. An alternative input interface might allow me to figure that out myself.

I’d also love a way of interacting with the breakout rooms, controlling that from external logic, in order to accomplish the arrangement I’m looking for.

Old thread, but I can jump in with some answers (just an end user here).

We’re running a Mac, and use CamTwist and Syphoner to put anything we want in the stream. Zoom sees CamTwist as a webcam, and using Syphoner we can select any app, including the browser, and crop it down to what we want with minimal latency.

The Webinar setting can multicast to Facebook as well, not sure about other applications, but I’m with you that multicasting and RTMP streaming would be incredibly helpful.

If you’re really motivated, here’s how to multicast.
Send your camera feed into CamTwist (there’s a similar program in Windows), so it can go to multiple locations. Set the video input in Zoom to be CamTwist, and install Open Broadcaster Software to stream it separately to another destination. In OBS, also set CamTwist as your input, and you’re off to the races. There’s a lot of resources on streaming, if you’re unsure where to start.


However, it would be way easier if Zoom had the functionality built in.

Those are cool tips! Thank you.

I got around to playing with CamTwist or similar as well.

But, yeah, would be much better if some of this stuff would be built into Zoom.