Does Zoom API support sending alternate data feed into Zoom Share 'input stream', where that data is not shared on the Host's screen

Hi folks, great product! Does Zoom (via Pipedream) enable feeding the sharing channel something other than what is being displayed on the user’s computer? I’m familiar with [Partial Share], what I’m looking to do is push content that could be on the User’s screen (like an Application Share would), but that does not need to be visible on the Computer used to host the share.

If there is no API call(s) to accomplish the above scenario, our fallback is to programmatically set the Partial Share frame location, size and settings needed to handle placement and setup of the Partial Share frame on behalf of the Host. If this access is available, controlling the frame would suffice for now, but I could not find any Zoom API calls related to that.


No errors to discuss

End Point(s) unknown as this question comes after reviewing the Zoom API’s and not finding any provided API call.

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Hey @Jonaskinny

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Checkout this related thread that may have the answer you are looking for:

If this thread did not help, please let us know by replying back here and someone from the Developer Relations team will get back to you shortly.


Hi, I found the SDK for C# wrapper so no need to address the original rest API question. I do have build issues that I have not been able to correct. The directory contents are not as indicated in the screenshots, I got 800+ errors down to zero, then just one error popped up (after a successful build) that halted the build. Settings.Settings, compiler output

1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,2,1,3): error CS1031: Type expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,1,1,2): error CS1022: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,7,1,14): error CS1002: ; expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,7,1,14): error CS0116: A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,14,1,15): error CS1022: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,15,1,15): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,21,1,29): error CS0116: A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,29,1,30): error CS1022: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,30,1,30): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,37,1,38): error CS1031: Type expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(1,38,1,39): error CS1022: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(2,36,2,50): error CS1002: ; expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(2,36,2,50): error CS0116: A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(2,50,2,51): error CS1022: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(3,4,3,12): error CS0116: A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(3,12,3,13): error CS1022: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(4,32,4,33): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘>’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(4,33,4,33): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘<’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(5,4,5,5): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘/’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(5,14,5,14): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘<’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(6,14,6,15): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘>’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(6,15,6,15): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘<’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(7,2,7,3): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘/’
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(7,16,7,16): error CS1733: Expected expression
1>D:\DATA\SMARTNOTES_WORKING\experimental\zoom-dotnet-wrapper-5.0.24433.0616\zoom_sdk_demo\Properties\Settings.settings(7,16,7,16): error CS1002: ; expected

I had to change the reference paths, directory structure, and contents of both zoom_sdk_demo and zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap (needed to rename to zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap because ‘c_sharp’ was causing conflicts on import) just to get to this point. I’ve gotten every reference to get recognized by the classloaders in VS.

I’ve tried VS 2019/VS 2019 Preview/VS 2017/VS 2015 … with and without upgrading the project, with and without importing upgraded tools, everything I can think of. I’ve followed dozens of 'how to fix zoom_sdk_demo and zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap no partial success accept the Settings.Settings file. There are no settings in the app that I can see, nor have I created any. Could you help me determine what is causing the above?

Windows 10 home
zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap as startup project
Visual Studio 2019

Thank you … sorry for the long email but its been a long weekend and I think - given all the changes that are needed to get it to ‘mostly compile’ leads me to believe there is something undocumented or missing.

Ok I got zoom_sdk_demo v2 and zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap projects to build in the same solution in VS 2019 Community using CLR support, modifying common_include.h, and no tools upgrade. I’m still getting

[ zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-master\zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap\meeting_recording_dotnet_wrap.cpp : warning C4793: ‘ZOOM_SDK_DOTNET_WRAP::MeetingRecordingControllerEventHandler::`vcall’{0}’’: function compiled as native:]

and I do see the Winform(MainWindow) when I Run the zoom_sdk_demo project, but once I click ‘Auth’ the window hides (Hide()), and I recall seeing a WPF form when I got this solution to compile and run a couple days ago.

I’m hoping there may be a connection, or the form behavior might tip you guys off.

I really appreciate that you are helping us all with this demo C# wrapper

Hey @Jonaskinny,

Are you having issues with the Zoom C# wrapper?

If so, please post this in #desktop-sdk:windows


Ok thanks Tommy, I actually made it through that part, sorry I did not address that in the post.

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No worries! :slight_smile:


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