Does Zoom Apps can work with websocket server?

Hello ,
Does zoomapp sdk support webscockets?
Is it only for https request?


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Hi @pehk-vc8 , are you seeking to use websockets to make API requests to Zoom/Zoom Apps or are you seeking to use sockets within your Zoom App?

Hi Michael, Thanks for your reply.

I want to use sockets within my zoom app.

Is possible to post /receive message by ‘wss’ protocol between my app server and client?


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Does this mean that it is impossible to apply websocket protocol in zoomapp?

I have added “ws://my socket server path/” in content-security-policy: connect-src, and there will be an error in zoomapp (protocol is not valid)

We have an example of using websockets with Zoom Apps in our Custom Layout Sample:

Let me know if that helps.