Does zoom sdk has any callback method which should execute when meeting is minimised

Which Mobile Client SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Initiate zoom call from user1 to user2 and call connected
  2. Tap on more button at bottom bar and tap on Minimize Meeting option
  3. Meeting is minimised and showing picture in picture window
  4. So want to do some stuff once meeting minimised, is there any callback method to do this

Already I tried with below approach

ZoomSDK.getInstance().zoomUIService.setZoomUIDelegate(object : ZoomUIDelegate {
        override fun onClickInviteButton(
            p0: Context?,
            p1: MutableList<MeetingInviteMenuItem>?
        ): Boolean = true

        override fun afterMeetingMinimized(p0: Activity?) {
            Timber.e("zoom afterMeetingMinimized called")

but, not worked


Hi @venkateswara.ponugot, thanks for the post.

After minimizing the meeting I am able to see the afterMeetingMinimized callback invoked. Can you please confirm that you are using the default meeting UI? Also, what device make/model/Android version are you running?


Hi Jon,
Thanks for the update, I am using Zoom default UI only and also using Custom activity by extending Zoom’s MeetingActivity class.

In my custom activity’s onCreate() method I have used the above mentioned code.

Also, I am using my own invite screen hence the method onClickInviteButton() will returning true in the above code block.

Used device model: OnePlus7
OS version: 10.0


Hi @venkateswara.ponugot,

Thanks for the additional information. I am also subscribing the ZoomUIDelegate in the onCreate method of my Activity which extends MeetingActivity. Are you certain that the SDK is using your Activity and not its own instance? You could check this by adding a log statement in the onCreate method before or after your setZoomUIDelegate call.


Hi @jon.lieblich,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have added logs before and after the setZoomUIDelegate() method in my ZoomCustomUIActivity’s onCreate() method and logs are showing correctly i.e. My activity onCreate() method is called when zoom call start/join.

2021-03-31 16:17:14.783 16774-16774/ E/ZoomCustomUIActivity: ZoomCustomUIActivity oncreate before setZoomUIDelegate()

2021-03-31 16:17:14.783 16774-16774/ E/ZoomCustomUIActivity: ZoomCustomUIActivity oncreate after setZoomUIDelegate()

But when I tap on Minimize Meeting option then afterMeetingMinimized() callback not called.

I have tried another approach:

Override the onMeetingConnected() method in My activity and moved setZoomUIDelegate() to onMeetingConnected(). Now when I tap on minimize meeting option from more menu then the afterMeetingMinimized() callback called but zoom call is not minimized and picture-in-picture window is showing on top of Zoom call UI, is this is the expected behavior?

See the below image.


Hi @venkateswara.ponugot,

That’s great to hear that the callback is being correctly invoked now! Yes, this is expected behavior. You can navigate through your app after receiving that callback (e.g. starting a new Activity, calling finish() on the MeetingActivity, etc.) and click on the minimized meeting to return to the full-sized meeting.


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