Running Android SDK in background

We are trying to run Zoom SDK in backend where audio is working but full screen is minimised.
The requirement is to minimize the Zoom SDK and type something in our native application. The current android sdk is launching as Activity and we are not able to minimise the activity.

Which version?

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  • Android

Hi nitesh,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. If you want to do this with the default Zoom UI, we do not have an interface for this. But if you would like use Custom UI, then the requirement you said is possible. We have this feature shown in our demo app.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

when click the minimise icon it brings back to the menu but call gets disconnected…there are two participant in the meeting when I was testing this feature

Hi deepajothinathan,

Thanks for the reply. That sounds like the meeting is ended unexpectedly (The meeting activity crashes or being killed), so your previous user will stay in the meeting for a very short time until the server finds out the user has left the meeting. How frequently does this happen? Is this reproducible with our demo app? Could you provide any error messages?