Does zoom sdk support integration with call kit

hi guys .
does any body know whether we can use call kit with zoom sdk … to ring phone when an appointment is starting . some thing like skype ?

Hi amirbt,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, we have introduced the CallKit support in the 2019.03 release, you can refer to the ChangeLog:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

can you describe a little more about it ? is there any documentation or something?

Thanks for the reply. We have the following interface specifically for CallKit:

 @brief Reset Meeting Audio Session including Category and Mode. When the call comes in or goes out, click hold or swap in the dial-up UI to restore the zoom sound.
- (void)resetMeetingAudioForCallKitHeld;

And when you join a meeting using joinMeetingWithDictionary, pass an empty to the `kMeetingParam_Username" parameter.

For the rest of the part for CallKit, the following links could be helpful:


Hope this helps. Thanks!