Does Zoom Video SDK support HLS?

We are building an app where we have 3 type of users

  1. hosts
  2. participants (can take part in streaming by moving up on stage and unmute audio/video)
  3. viewers (can just watch the speakers but be able to chat)

In most other SDKs the user type 3 is on HLS, thus reducing load on session and also lower pricing for minutes consumed by this user role.

Does zoom video sdk support this kind of user? If yes, where can I find documentation and pricing for the same?

Also, does zoom video sdk support rtmp out for YT live and fb live?

Hi @nikhil3 , yes, towards the Video SDK supports RTMPS streaming - Docs for iOS, for example:

User 3 could be a viewer in your application and would not count towards billed session minutes.

To use the SDK’s chat methods you may need to join the participant as an SDK participant rather than a live stream viewer.