Does Zoom webhooks accept self-signed certificates?

I’m trying to create a Webhook app. After pushing the “Validate” button I get the “Invalid TLS certificate” error message that makes it impossible to go beyond.
I’m using a self-signed certificate, which is issued locally.

  • I’m using the HTTPS scheme
  • My server is using TLS 1.2

Is Zoom not accepting self-signed certificates? Do I require the certificate from trusted CAs like ClouFlare or DigiCert?
Please guide me.

Hi @makvihas ,

I’m going to move this to App Marketplace and get in touch with some of the Marketplace folks. Thanks for asking this question!

In the meantime, here’s another developer’s approach: Failed to validate: Invalid TLS certificate

@kwaku.nyante , hello! Would appreciate your guidance here :slight_smile:

Hello @makvihas Thanks for your message you are correct, we do not accept self signed certificates because we cannot verify them. Any of the trusted CA’s will work with no problem.

Regards, Kwaku


Thanks for your prompt response @kwaku.nyante!!
If I may, when was this limitation added?
If I recall correctly, it worked fine with a self-signed certificate some time ago.

Hello @makvihas I believe it was made around the same time we started implementing the Embedded TDD’s which was last year end around June July.

Regards, Kwaku

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Thanks so much for your input @kwaku.nyante