Domain Validation for OAuth Account-based App using iPaaS

I am trying to validate the domain for app submission for an OAuth Account Based app. I am using an iPaaS system called Paragon ( to facilitate building the app. Paragon is the system that will actually be receiving the Zoom callbacks, so my company does not technically own the domain.

What is the best path forward to validate the domain?


Bumping this thread since this is an urgent need at this point. We need to get this domain validation completed ASAP since we have multiple customers waiting on this Zoom app release.

Hello @nicholas.menendez so are all the domains hosted by paragon, are there no domains you own included in the app development?

Regards, Kwaku

Hi @kwaku.nyante , I’m a PM at Paragon and can help provide some context here.

That is correct, Paragon hosts the domains that are used in the integration:

  • Paragon provides a standard redirect URL (, since our platform manages the OAuth flow and access/refresh token handling.
  • Paragon provides each customer a unique webhook URL (beginning with to receive events that customers subscribe to.

I’m happy to go through any domain validation process that is needed for the domains, but multiple customers of ours will need to verify these same domains for their Zoom integrations.

Let me know what else I can provide to help get @nicholas.menendez’s integration live, thanks!


@kwaku.nyante As Ethan (Paragon) mentioned in his reply, that is correct. There are no domains that my company owns since Paragon is our iPaaS solution.

How can we validate the domain?

I’ll DM you @nicholas.menendez to continue this conversation so we can understand the full functionality of this App.

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you @kwaku.nyante. I have not received your DM yet. When should I expect to hear from you?

Sorry @nicholas.menendez i sent it to @ethan-paragon since he started the thread, should i send it to you instead.

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante If it is possible to include both Ethan and I, then can you please do so? If not, then Ethan is the right point of contact since he is on the Paragon team and we need to validate Paragon’s domain.

Also, just FYI - there is a related thread here from the Paragon team: Domain Validation for our customers as an iPaas