Domain Validation for our customers as an iPaas

I work for an integration provider ( that allows our customers to build and embed integrations with minimal development effort on their end. So with that in mind our systems are what processes the majority of the integration logic, rather than our customers’ systems.

The problem comes when our customers want to build applications that have to go through the approval process, specifically the domain validation, when we own the domains that need validated but our customers own each of the applications.

What is the best way to get our domains validated for our customers who want to build out Zoom integrations? Keeping in mind that we will have many different customers who would need to be validated on the same domains, we are looking for the best approach for us (or our customers) to follow.


As a customer of Paragon, this is a critical need for us at this time. We currently have multiple customers who are waiting on this domain validation so that our Zoom app can be submitted for security review. This is very urgent!