Domain Validation for OAuth User-based app

I am tyring to validate domain for Bizzmate Integration (OAuth User-based) app for which I have to follow below steps:

  1. Download verifyzoom.html containing a verification code
  2. Create a folder zoomverify under root and make it viewable
  3. Upload the file to your domain and put it in the folder zoomverify
  4. Confirm your upload by visiting your domain
  5. Make sure all webhook and call back URLs that you have entered in the marketplace belong to the same domain

But the website/application we are trying to integrate with, is developed using no-code platform And as a no-code platform it does not have abilities to add a folder or upload a file in any folder.

Please provide necessary steps to solve this issue.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Zoom Marketplace specialist can help with this, I’ve someone will reach out via DM to resolve the issue within 48hr. Please see this helpful developer forum post for more details: