Domain Validation for our Marketplace App


We are having trouble with domain verification in the Marketplace app submission process, as we cannot put a HTML file as we are using webflow.

As stated in other posts, we did raise a ticket to dev support (#17317847) yesterday but it was immediately marked as solved while we received no messages / solution.

Could you help us with that please?



Hello @gabriel1 Thank you for reaching out please take a look at this post explaining more about domain validation here: Domain Validation Explanation

I will send you information for manual domain validation in your DM

Regards, Kwaku

I am having the same issue. I am not sure if I should create a new post or reply to this one. Let me know the preferred path @kwaku.nyante. Thank you!

Hello @gather_alex please refer to your DM for the next steps to complete this process.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi, we have an issue with accessing/managing our app and think you wanted us to reply here (?) @kwaku.nyante


Hello @CalendarBridge can you make a new post I don’t think what you need help with has anything to do with this thread.

Regards, Kwaku