Domain verification with alternate method

Hello! We have an SDK app in need of domain verification. I’m unable to do the HTML file upload method, but is adding a DNS record an option for verification?

Also, we already have an existing published OAuth app that has previously been verified on the exact same domain. Can this verification be ported over to our SDK app?


Hello @bryanlep Every App carries its own domain validation so you would need to complete another for this one. If it was the exact same app or an associated app that works in tandem with another we could consider it but for this we need a new validation. Please let me know how you want to move forward.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Kwaku, thanks for the explanation. The SDK app does work in tandem with our OAuth app, where the OAuth app is used for authentication and general API usage, and uses the SDK credentials to interact with meetings. If this meets the criteria it’d be great to use the same domain verification. If not, let’s go ahead with a DNS based domain verification. If I remember correctly, last time we verified we added a TXT record to our DNS and could do the same this time.


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