Don't receive JBH and JOIN events through webhooks



For some reason I’m receiving only STARTED and ENDED events, JOIN and JBH events never dispatched and sent through webhooks. option_jbh is true  for the meeting, but when attendee joins the meeting before host, only STARTED and ENDED events are dispatched. I’ve tried to join as attendee before host both by opening join_url of the meeting and by registering attendee for a meeting and opening join_url obtained from registration, but never received those JOIN and JBH events. Does anyone know under what circumstances these events are dispatched though webhooks?



JOIN should be dispatched when a participant joins and ‘join before host’ is not allowed and a participant is waiting.

JBH should be dispatched when ‘join before host’ is allowed and participant is in meeting, waiting for host


Thanks for the answer, figured out why I was unable to receive these events. All the meetings I’ve tried to get the events for were scheduled for at least one day from now. And it turned out that Zoom only sends JOIN and JBH events when registrant joins in 30 minutes or less before the scheduled time which is okay. But I think it makes sense to add this information to API documentation.