Download attachments to an in-meeting chat

Is there any way to automate a download of any file uploaded (attached) to an in-meeting chat?

Either during the meeting using a webhook, or after the meeting using the API is fine.

Hi @gbillings, these files are available through an API if the meeting has been archived.

API Reference - Get meeting archived files

Here’s a support article on enabling archiving on your account. It’ll likely require engaging with Zoom Support:

Archiving for meetings and webinars

Thank you for your reply.

I do have archiving enabled, and I am already using that endpoint to get the JSON file of text and reactions from an in-meeting chat.

It looks like the archive_files endpoint returns a payload that contains…

  1. the video recording of the meeting,
  2. an audio recording of the meeting,
  3. a text file of chats,
  4. a file with close captioning, and
  5. a JSON file with waiting room chats, deleted messages, meeting emojis and non-verbal feedback.

I am not interested in getting video or audio recordings of our meetings. I just need to be able to get any files uploaded, or attached, to the in-meeting chat. These might be PDFs, Excel files, Word documents, etc.

Is there an API endpoint that will allow me to retrieve uploaded files after the meeting, or a webhook endpoint that will allow me to capture uploaded files during the meeting?

Got it @gbillings … my bad, that’s my misreading. Let me check with our Archiving Product team and get right back to you.

@gbillings , these files are not currently available in this endpoint but will be available in our next upcoming release, currently targeting mid-June.

The archive_files array will include these files along with the MP4, M4A, TXT, etc.

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