Downloading cloud recordings (Canvas LTI) and uploading to Google Drive

This is a question regarding the API. We have Zoom connected to Canvas and we only have 100 GB of storage on Zoom cloud. So I am continually trying to get the recordings archived. I would like to create a script that would:

  • Download the Zoom recordings for a class in Canvas
  • Upload it to a school Google Drive folder
  • Update the link in the Canvas course to the new location. (I know this part isn’t a Zoom question.)

Is this even possible? Please advise.

Thank you

Hi @lelandkrum , welcome! This is definitely possible. I’d recommend using the recording.completed webhook event to subscribe to all new incoming recordings. This webhook event will send a POST request with the download URL (mp4) of the recording. I’d then setup a serverless function or event handler to receive the incoming request, take in the download URL, and upload to Google Drive.