Downloading all cloud recordings from a specific time range


My organization has surpassed its storage limit for cloud recordings, so I’d like to download a batch of recordings from a specific time-range and upload it to my Google Drive (which has plenty of free space).
As a non-developer I’m pretty much stuck on creating a solution for this and would love to get some help/guidance.

Thank you

Hello Dev team, Please assist Yaron with this request ASAP. Thank you!

Hi @yaronha ,

In the furture I would suggest that you use the “Recording Completed webhook” to automatically trigger some script on your end which would save the recording to your Google Drive automatically.

While this will not help you in retrieving any existing recordings it should allow you in auto saving any new recordings to your Google drive.

Hi @yaronha
thanks for reaching out to us.
Are you looking to do this via API?
If so, you can programatically list recordings using the List all recordings endpoint

In your response, you will get a download url for each meeting that was recorded and you will be able to download it.

You will also be able to customize your query parameters to query recordings from a specific time range, using the “from” and “to” query params

Hi @elisa.zoom @Harsh4,

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, I’d like to utilize an API solution (sorry, I should’ve been more specific).
I was referred to these documentations in the past: Zoom Meeting Master API
Zoom Meeting Master API
but truth to be told I’m not quite sure how to proceed from here. Would love to get some guidance.


Hi @yaronha
If you would like to use the endpoint you shared with me

Just make sure that your account has a Master Account associated with it.

We do not have a sample app or a code snippet specific for your use case, but we do have a sample app that generates access tokens using Server to Server oauth and you could use that as a boilerplate and build on top of it: