Downloading the transcript files for enterprise account using the API

Is it possible to download the .vtt transcript files after the meeting ended using the API for enterprise accounts?

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We are able to download the timeline and recording files but is there a specific event that we need to listen on for get the VTT transcript file for enterprise accounts.

Hi @aruna1997 ,

Thanks for reaching out about this. To clarify, you should be able to retrieve these files using our standard endpoints, even as an enterprise account.

Regarding a CC file, if you have transcription enabled on Cloud Recordings, these will be returned as .vtt file types. You can access these by calling our GET Meeting Recordings endpoint.

You can also subscribe to our Recording Completed Webhook:

Let me know if you still have questions!


Thanks for the clarifications, Will

We are using the GET MEETING Recordings endpoint and getting the Recodings (audio and video) and the timeline file. We are downloading all available files and dont see the .Vtt file.
Is there a specific call that we need to make?

Also how long does it take for the VTT file to be available it is available along with the recording and timeline files or is it available later that we should register for another event?


Hi @aruna1997,

Can you ensure that you have the audio transcription setting enabled?

The transcription can take longer than the recording to process in some cases. You can subscribe to this webhook to know when it’s complete:


Yes do have the setting enabled and will add the new we hook to download the vtt file

Wanted to know if you have a SLA promising a certain time when this VTT fille will be available for download. What is the expected time for it to be ready? Does it take a few hours, minutes or could it even take days ?


Hi @aruna1997,

Good question. At this time, we don’t have an SLA for this.

However, generally speaking, you should expect this to be available for download within a couple of hours or so.


Thanks Will.
Can you please clarify if this is a function of the length of the meeting or is it just queued in the order received and processed?
Will longer meetings (say 1 hour duration) take longer to transcribe and get the recording.transcribed webhook event?

Hi @aruna1997,

Good question. Transcription processing should not depend on the length of the meeting. Rather, these are queued in order of processing/completion.



I have a question on the recording.transcript_completed event. I do have a business account and have Audio transcript and cloud recording enabled

After the meeting I get notification emails on the transcript and recording emails.

As far as I webhook events, I receive the recording.completed event and I am able to download the files for it. But I do not receive the recording.transcript_completed event notification

Can you please help with this?


Hi @aruna1997,

I can see we’ve connected over email, so I will continue the conversation there.


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