Unable to delete meeting file


Hello everyone, I am trying to remove files from meetings and some have given me the situation described below:

When retrieving information from the meeting I check if there are files, as json:

So I’m trying to remove files by file, for example:


However the following message is returned to me:

“code”: 3301,
“message”: “There is no recording for this meeting”

Note: This does not happen at all meetings and there is nothing in common between them.


Hi @Felipe_Vicente,

When removing the file, use the meeting_id instead of id and see if that works for you.



Michael, the error has not yet occurred again so I could not test, but I understood the change and I believe that it will actually carry out the correction.

Tks !!


Hi Michael, today I tested again with more recordings and the error occurred even with the suggested changes. Do you have any further suggestions of what could be happening?


Hi @Felipe_Vicente,

Is the meeting that your using a recurring meeting? If so, then you will need to use the meeting uuid instead of the meeting id.

DELETE - https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{meeting-uuid}/recordings/{recording_id}

Let us know if that works for you.



Hi Michael, not even with this last command worked, there are still files that are not deleted. Even if I try a “Test Request” by the Zoom API the return is always this:

“Code”: 3301,
“Message”: “There is no recording for this meeting”

The strangest thing is that in the management panel the recordings are listed, as well as by the API. Recordings are always listed.

But when you try to delete it (even when a meeting has no files) it says the meeting does not exist.

Today I have 20 recordings that are not deleted by the API, I can only delete them if I do it manually through the management panel, which makes me believe that the panel performs the deletion in a different way from the API.


Hi @Felipe_Vicente,

Can you double encode the UUID and see if you get a response back?


Hi @Michael_Purnell ,

I’m sorry. I could not understand what I should do, could you explain me in more detail.



The UUID that you have for example jL7wwwbcP/ROS0000G/J3D9Q==, you would double encode it so that it would look like this jL7qHbcPROS0000G%252FJ3D9Q%253D%253D. The reason is because the UUIDs that have a “/” in it may be causing problems.

Then after you double encode you input your uuid in your endpoint like this

DELETE - https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/jL7qHbcPROS0000G%252FJ3D9Q%253D%253D/recordings/1234567