Duplicate webhooks received for recording completion for recordings

We’re facing the same behavior that described here Duplicate webhooks received for recording completion

Events are getting duplicated.

It happens for phone.recording_completed, phone.recording_transcript_completed and recording.completed events. Webhooks URLs for development and production are different.

Can you give us some advice about root cause of this issue?

I am also receiving duplicate webhook notifications for meeting created, participant joined, left etc.

Either it is Zoom problem. or your server is not responding with 200 response quickly enough. They say, within 3 seconds.

I will first check for my server response time.

@v.boiko adding to what @longoff mentioned, can you make sure if you are sending the 200OK response quickly?

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Yes, I’ll check. But we’re getting 2 same events in 50 - 100ms. As far as I understand, server should respond in 3 seconds, right?

I found the issue from our side. We can close the topic.