Duplicated live streaming webhooks

We’ve noticed this recently, where meeting.live_streaming_started arrives twice, at different times.


Then 7 minutes later


What is the reason for this?

In this particular meeting, we have noticed that the stream actually arrived from
00:00 - 00:51
07:03 - 12:04

Why did it cut out around then? The host has confirmed they did not interupt the stream.

Hi @jimig,

Thanks for raising this with us—we’re looking into this for you (ZOOM-274928).

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch shortly,

Thanks @will.zoom - any update?
We are getting more and more reports, the logs have the same duplicate issue also cause the meeting stream to cut. Here is another example from the 19th: “uuid”:“PXPJtVahS8eMr6efW6d3lQ==”,“id”:85145118926

Hi @jimig,

Thanks for your patience while our team looked into this.

Upon further investigation, we can see that these duplicate webhooks were a result of the Live Streaming connection being disconnected. When the Live Stream reconnected, a subsequent webook was triggered.

Our team is treating this as a bug and is working on an enhancement to improve our reconnect logic and ensure that duplicate webhooks aren’t triggered as a result. (ZOOM-274928)


Thanks @will.zoom . Could you elaborate on why the streaming connection failed? Was that at the zoom end?

If the stream fails, it should surely send a stream.failed webhook so we can be aware. What we notice is that when it reconnects, we still do not see the “LIVE” and there is no media sent to us?

Hi @jimig,

Thanks for the follow up, and good questions.

I’m confirming these details with the Engineer who is working on this, and I’ll follow up shortly.


Hey @will.zoom, do we have any updates on this one?

Hi @plamen.hristanov,

I don’t have an update to share on this quite yet, but I can confirm our team is still looking into this.