Zoom stream API doesn't send the streaming data

Using this template helps us debug your issues more effectively :slight_smile:


We have some meetings in which we do not receive any data at all. We have 3 retries in place. Sometimes the retries help, sometimes they don’t.

Which Endpoint/s?

Meeting ID 93038109421
Date: May 6
Time: 10:00PM Israel Daylight Time


Hi @arik.sapojnik,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, is the issue with receiving a response from the GET Livestream Details endpoint—and the details are blank? Or, are you starting a Live Stream via API and not seeing it take effect?

Let me know if you can confirm a few more details when you have a chance—thanks!

Thanks @will.zoom for the prompt reply.
We are starting a live stream, seeing the “Preparing” notification, but nothing happens and the notification disappears. We try again, see the “Preparing” notification once again, and once again the stream doesn’t start.
This doesn’t happen to all the meeting, but rather sporadically.


Hi @arik.sapojnik,

Thank you for confirming these details.

The next time you experience this, can you please share the exact meeting details in a ticket with us (Meeting ID, approximate time you ran into this issue). This will help us to further debug.


Isn’t that’s what I am doing now? :slight_smile:

Hi @arik.sapojnik,

My apologies, I meant to clarify at developersupport@zoom.us. The reason I say the next time is because our logs do not go as far back as May 6 at this point. If you can provide an example within the last 10 days and the timestamp, this will help us to further investigate.


Thank you. Please see another example:

Date: June 15
Meeting start: 11am PT
zoom url: Launch Meeting - Zoom

I would really appreciate if the team could look into it before the logs expire.

Hi @arik.sapojnik,

Thanks for sharing this recent example—we’re looking into it for you. (ZOOM-285149)


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