Dynamic Event Notification Endpoint URL

I’ve created an OAuth app and everything is working well in development mode. However, when using webhooks I’m required to enter a static event notification endpoint URL. It would be nice if I could make those endpoints dynamic per account. For example each tenant in our system has a unique id. I’d like the notification endpoint for each tenant to include that tenant’s id like /api/v1/{tenantID}/…

Is it possible to do this within the web based app builder? If not is it possible to do using API calls once I receive the auth token?


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Hi @asc.nsv ,

We do not currently support this use case but you can submit this functionality as a #feature-requests !


That’s what I figured. Thank you for the reply.

Hi, @asc.nsv,

Glad to hear Gianni was able to provide the necessary insight needed here.

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum.


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