Easiest Way to Get Mute Status

My goal is to interface an Elgato Stream Deck to be used as a Zoom Controller. There are a couple of examples of this using Global Shortcut Keys and it works well. However, the mute status of the Stream Deck can get out of sync with Zoom (host changes mute status, muted via UC headset, Zoom client, etc.).

All I want is to extract the mute status of the current user in their current Zoom meeting (Windows only). I could then use the shortcut keys to actually mute and unmute.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Which version?
Windows only

Is the Windows SDK the easiest way to go about this?
It looks like I could run the following commands within inMeetingService.

virtual AudioStatus IUserAudioStatus::GetStatus ()

Would the app need to join the meeting and be listed as another meeting attendee? Or would it just “work” with the Windows Zoom client?

Hi jeff2,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The interface you are mentioning is the right way to get the audio status. If you are using SDK to get meeting info, you must join the meeting and be listed as a meeting attendee. If you do not want to join the meeting and get the meeting info, you may consider using Zoom REST API such as:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Did you manage to make any progress on this @jeff2?
I’d be happy to contribute in any way I can towards getting a proper Zoom Mute button working.

I have not made any progress in this. I am an engineer that just pretends to know how to do some coding. I usually code by taking examples and just making minor tweaks and I think this is beyond my skill set.

I would love for someone to help contribute. Is this something you have the skills for?

Sadly I’m in the same boat skillswise. I’ll ask some of my colleagues and see if I can find something.

Thanks for this.

Just to be clear I can use the Zoom REST API to get the meeting ID and not be listed as a meeting attendee. However, I still can’t obtain my mute status with the REST API. I will need the Web SDK, be listed as a meeting attendee, etc.

Hi @jeff2,

Thanks for the reply. For the issue you are facing, you might to ask the API & WebSDK experts:

Hope this helps. Thanks!