Desktop client API for dedicated mute/unmute button

I am hoping to create a dedicated mute (and call status) button (on a custom keyboard) similar to the interface on my headset cable (green light if in zoom call, red light if on mute, button to toggle mute). The mute status of the headset syncs with the app which is a relatively new feature.

Is there an API exposed by the Zoom Desktop application? The “sync” of the mute button on the headset implies there may be.

I have seen a few questions about accessing Mute/Unmute, but they tend to focus on webhook or REST APIs. I am aware if zoommtg:// protocol, but seems that is one way with a focus on starting/joining meetings.

Here is an image of the control on my Jabra 550 headset:

Hey @chaseadam.meta,

Great question, this is possible with our Client SDKs.

For example, you can call the mute / unmute function for the Windows SDK:

For more specific Client SDK questions, please post in #desktop-sdk


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