Edit Webminar API - returns empty response

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When we try to edit the webminar start time, we are getting status 204 (no content) and empty response, also the webminar is not getting edited

Empty response - (Status 204 No content)

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https://api.zoom.us/v2/webinars/96176219409 (PATCH)

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Just put this in body(I am not sharing my JWT token by security reasons), I can share in private window if needed.






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Additional context
When we edit “start time” of the webminar, this issue happens. Otherwise it works fine.

Hi, @balavishnu,
Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. It looks like the start_time field is missing the seconds. Can you try to update the webinars with the start time formatted like so: start_time": “2021-05-15T10:00:00Z”

For reference, I’ve included a Patch request below :
“topic”: "Updated The Webinar Date : ",
“start_time”: “2021-05-15T10:00:00Z”,
“duration”: “30”,
“agenda”: “Updated Agenda”

Please give that a try and let us know if that resolves the problem.


Hi Donte,

Thanks, I tried that but still same problem. Below is the new request






Postman screenshot

Hi, @balavishnu,
Are you able to confirm if the Webinar information updated as expected ?


Yes, update working as expected. Just the response is not proper

Hi @balavishnu,

The expected response for the Update Webinar endpoint is 204 on success:

You should not expect a payload in response, but note that the webinar will have been successfully updated if you receive a 204.

Let us know if you have further questions about this.


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