List Webinars API broken

Hi Team,

We are using Zoom Meeting API in our integration for fetching the start time of a webinar created by a user.

We have seen inconsistent API response fields for one of our customers.

For one of the user, the API does not return the ‘start_time’ field in the API response, for all other users the field seems to be present.

Also the API documentation, does not mention if this field would be present/not present based on a specific condition.

Could you please understand why this is happening only for one user and not others, and help resolve the issue ?

Hi @snow1
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community
I am happy to help here!
Can you please share the entire request URL that you are sending when getting this inconsistent response and the response body you are getting so I can take a look into that?

Hi Elisa,

As this is breaking for one of our customer’s API call, wont be able share the complete details, but here are some details:

API used : /users/{userId}/webinars
{ "page_size": 300, "total_records": 1, "next_page_token": "", "webinars": [ { "uuid": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "id": xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "host_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "topic": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "type": 6, "duration": 75, "timezone": "America/Mexico_City", "created_at": "2023-04-18T15:49:21Z", "join_url": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "is_simulive": false } ] }
Basically the start_time field is missing in the response.
Hope this helps understand the issue!

Hi @snow1
I will send you a private message to follow up

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I wanted to update the community about this issue.
It looks like the reason why the developer is not getting the start_time field in their response is that this is a no fixed time webinar(type 6) so It does not have any start time so no start time is returned in API response