Electron 4/5/6 support, preferrably using N-API

If the Zoom SDK electron wrapper is updated to use the newer N-API instead of the legacy Node native addons API, then the version of Node/Electron used by Zoom to build the Electron wrapper will not have to match the version of Electron used by developers in their applications.


Is there a near-term plan to do Zoom Electron Mac SDK release for a newer Electron version? Are you considering using N-API to eliminate this issue for future Electron releases?

Hi sgarg,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thank you for your suggestions. I will pass this info to our engineer and take it as an improvement request.


Thanks, please note that Zoom SDK currently only works with Electron 2.x which has been unsupported since a while now, including no security fixes. Electron team only supports last 3 versions (currently v5, v4, and v3, with v3 only getting security fixes).


Using N-API will significantly simplify electron version dependency issues, but at least a recompile of current Zoom Electron SDK with a newer Electron should be done more urgently.

Hi sgarg,

Thanks for your reply. We have introduced a new version of Electron SDK that can work with any versions of Electron. Please have a try: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-electron


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But the changelog wrote only can work from 4 to 7.
Can 8 to 10 work with the new version of Electron SDK?

Hi liubiantao,

Thanks for the reply. The current version of Electron SDK might not work with Electron 8 due to the new features introduced in Electron 8. I will forward this as a feature request to the engineering team and we will investigate the possibility of supporting it. If you need it as soon as possible, our Electron SDK is open sourced so you may configure it to support Electron 8.

Hope this helps. Thanks!