Need help on getting started with the Electron SDK - How to get it to work with latest possible Electron/ Node.js versions and how to begin using it (authenticating, joining, etc.)

Hi, please can I request some help on getting started with the Electron SDK?

I’ve mostly followed the instructions on the Download & Install page but I can’t get the demo app to work (at one point it was stuck on the JWT Token/ SDKAuth page, but now I can’t even get it to open at all).

Admittedly I was a little hesitant about installing the packages globally or installing older versions of software as I didn’t want to affect other Electron projects I’m working on (and I don’t like having to use older versions of software for security reasons). Eventually I conceded and installed the packages globally and installed Python 2.7 32-bit (whilst keeping 3.9 64-bit installed) (and I already had Visual Studio Build Tools 2019 installed). The only thing I haven’t gone down to is Node.js v12.16.1 - I currently have v14.17.3. I’ll go down to v12 if I have to but surely if this works v14 should also work?

For reference, I’m using Zoom Electron SDK v5.7.6.1337 and Windows 8.1.

Also, I see further down the page instructions for rebuilding the Zoom Electron SDK - does this mean it would be possible to rebuild this to support the latest version of Electron (v15.3.0 according to npm view) and Node.js v14? I’m currently working on a project that will interact with Zoom as well as with other software (Voicemeeter) and I’m worried about losing compatibility with them.

Once I’ve got the Zoom Electron SDK working, the other thing I’m unsure about is how to actually “get it off the ground” - looking through the SDK Ref, the methods for things like listing participants, toggling speaker/ gallery view, pinning video, etc. look straightforward enough, but how do I initially connect my Electron app to a Zoom meeting? How do I authenticate, join a meeting, etc.?

I know the demo app may have all this, but the main.js file for that has over 2,000 lines of code - so I’m not sure where to begin looking.

In a nutshell, what I would like help with is 1) Getting the Zoom Electron SDK to work, ideally with newer versions of Electron and Node.js, and 2) How can I get this going? What I could really do with is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on what to do.

Many thanks,


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