Electron: missing GetMeetingUIWnd method

We’ve built an app on the Windows SDK that uses the GetMeetingUIWnd call to get a pointer to the window, then we resize the window to take up the entire screen (but *not* enter “full screen” mode). We then use ShowParticipantsListWnd to show the list and everything looks good.

We’re now rewriting our app in Electron instead and using the Electron Zoom SDK. While there is a ShowParticipantsListWnd call, there is no corresponding GetMeetingUIWnd call for us to get a handle. The only option we have is to go Full Screen, which again leaves us with a popup participant list covering up some of the meeting.

Is there a way to get a handle on the Zoom meeting window through the Electron SDK, so we can resize it without going into “full screen” mode?

we will add this requirement to our backlog.