Electron SDK: Get Focus on Zoom Meeting Window

I’m developing an application for congress and I can’t find the way to get focus and lost focus on the zoom meeting window. I want to maintain control over which window is on top. Also, I want to be able to adjust size and position of zoom meeting window.


Luis Gabriel Mendez

Hi lgmendez,

Thanks for the post. The Electron SDK does not have the interface to bring the window to the foremost, but in Windows SDK, it has the following:

  1. GetMeetingUIWnd() will provide the window handle, which you could use it to configure the window
  2. SetMeetingUIPos() interface allows you to set the size of the meeting UI, this will only work if you call it before the meeting
  3. BackToMeeting() interface will bring the meeting UI to the front

Hope this helps. Thanks!