How to get SSO TOKEN

I want to sign in with SSO using ZoomSDK.
When I log in, I am asked for an SSO token.
Where can I get the token?

Which SDK version?
The version is 5.2.42037.1112.


Hi @sbmgrp-feedback_call, thanks for using our SDK.

The method of retrieving your SSO token is going to vary based on your provider, so we cannot provide assistance with that aspect. Please let us know if you have any issues with using the SDK once you have retrieved your SSO token.


Hi @jon.lieblich

I will contact the IDP.
Thank you very much for helping me.


Glad I could help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new thread with any additional questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @jon.lieblich

I contacted IDP but it didn’t help, so I will contact you again.

IDP uses Auth0.
When I contacted Auth0, he said that I would like to contact Zoom for the following.

  1. How does the IDP generate an SSO token for Zoom? Is there a flow or exchange that should be followed? Or is it something that would be stored (similar to a client secret)? Auth0’s Zoom application is set up as a SAML app so it is sending SAML requests in a POST request, and there is no SSO token in the url nor SAML requests.

  2. Given that the Auth0 IDP is set up correctly for Zoom within web browser, is loginWithSSOToken the correct way to log in when using the SDK?

Do you understand this?


Hi @sbmgrp-feedback_call,

I would really like to help with this, but this is outside of the scope of what the SDK is responsible for. In case it better informs your interaction with your provider, there should not be any differences in how SSO is configured for your Zoom account when using the SDK vs the Zoom client.


Hi @jon.lieblich

I understand.
When logging in using SSO Token, is it okay to follow the flow below?

  1. Access Auth0.
  2. Enter my email and password to get the SSO TOKEN associated with my email
  3. Enter the SSO Token into the SDK and log in

Also, is there any other way to log in with SSO other than SSO TOKEN?


Hi @sbmgrp-feedback_call,

I cannot comment on whether steps 1 & 2 are correct, since those are specific to your provider. For #3, that is correct as long as you are following our documentation here.


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