Can VideoSDK for web cover all of my need?


My needs : show up to 10 user’s video at the same time on mobile and desktop, in bubble, positioned in circle, without pagination (and other stuff, such as subsession but you provide an API for it).

We started to work with multiple canvas (more natural) until we faced many error’s thrown. We lately saw that this is not your recommandation , so we refactored our code to use single canvas. But we just saw that it’s impossible to show up more than 2 videos at the same time on mobile browsers.

So, my question : do you confirm that there are no solutions to show up more than 2 videos at the same time on mobile ? If yes, I will have to reconsider my choice and it’s making me sad as you provide a lot of features I need… :frowning:

Thank you.


Hey @Adrii

Thanks for your feedback.

Starting from Video SDK Web 1.7.10, mobile gallery view(multiple videos on the same canvas) is supported.

Up to 4 videos can be rendered, but there’s one exception, on mobile Safari with SharedArrayBuffer enabled, only one video can be rendered on the same canvas, it’s the browser’s limitation, but the good news is, the upcoming version of Safari(v17.0+) is able to fix the issue.

An example of bubble position with Video SDK Web.


Hi Vic,

Ty for you answer.

I should have specified that we already implemented bubble (1 canvas per user, cut from another main canvas where all videos are rendered).

SharedArrayBuffer is enable too.

So, according to what you said, you confirm that we canno’t show more than 4 canvas (bubble) videos at the same time on mobile browser ?

Hey @Adrii

The limit of 4 videos refers to rendering 4 videos on the same canvas on mobile browser.

As for bubble UI, the sample code is based on a hidden multi-video canvas to capture the bubble video, from this perspective, the limit of 4 bubble canvases also applies.


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