Embed Recurring Meeting Registration Form on Website

One of my many jobs is to manage or organization’s website. Our demographic is elderly so my hope is to have a web page where they can always register for our monthly, recurring, Zoom meeting.

It’s usually pretty easy to embed a form in a website but we are getting errors: “us 02web zoom us refused to connect” when using a basic iframe. I have a gut feeling this might have something to do with the user’s Zoom status (logged in or out.)

Our website uses Elementor which is a WordPress builder layered on top of a theme. I dropped an HTML element inside of a container and added an iframe with our Zoom registration page link. (Took me a little fiddling to remove the scroll bar so the container stretches to fit.)

I have never used Meeting SDK - would it prevent the error? Would it be better to link directly to Zoom instead of trying to embed the registration form in a web page?

@SSAFE this is not a developer product. However I’m pretty sure it will not work in iframe.