** refused to connect. - Urgent help please

Hi, I have embedded the registration page for my webinar on my website using iframe code.

But every time anyone registers, they see this page. Error: refused to connect.

Hi @vibhu.mohan
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi Elisa,

Yes. Still facing this issue

What endpoint are you using to add registrants?
Is this a published app or is it parivate?

The registration page is embedded on my website using iframe - where attendees can add their details and register

Hi @elisa.zoom , could you please help with this?

Hi @vibhu.mohan
Could you please share the entire request URL and request body that you send when registering users to the webinar please?

hi @elisa.zoom

Here is the website link where the Zoom webinar registration link is embedded, and where you will get an error upon registering.

And this is the Zoom registration link (entire request URL).

Please mention your name as Zoom Test, to check the error.

Hi @vibhu.mohan

following this url Zoom registration link (entire request URL).
I was able to register, did not get any error

But with this link I got the error you mentioned website

If you inspect the page, you will see some error logged there, are you the developer for this?

hello @elisa.zoom i am developer i am facing
same problem can you guid me
Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’. this error i am facing after submit form

Hi @akash.sen
Are you using our Meeting Web SDK to embed Zoom into your webpage?

embed ifream can you check i was used at list simple html page so same issue raise

Hi @akash.sen
I don’t believe it’s possible to completely integrate the registration form into your application via iFrame.
I will go ahead and ask internally and will get back to you