Embed Zoom Meeting Registration form to website

Hi Tommy,

We have the same issue - but we could add registrations into the Zoom webinar through a custom web page for registrations.

However, we want to now give a feature where calendar links can be added to the users calendar (Google, outlook, yahoo) post successful registration on the custom landing page itself.

We are not able to find any API that will help us with this. No Zoom tickets are helping too.
Any suggestions please?

Hey @BioBuzz,

Your best bet is to code a custom ui and attach it to the Add Meeting Registrants API.


Hey @jomy.john,

Currently we do not have any calendar APIs that can accomplish this programmatically.

I suggest using a 3rd party calendar API like the Google Calendar API.


@farid.bonawiede Thanks for the information! It was extremely helpful. Except now my problem is that the bot is still there and a very large empty space.

Hey @andrew.parrish,

Please share a screenshot of the issue and steps to reproduce so we can help.


I figured I could decrease the height through the embed iframe since posting my comment, but is there a way to get rid of the zoom bot in the bottom right?

Under Branding:
Header/Footer/Sidebar > Footer HTML

<div id="footer-new">


CSS > Custom CSS

html, body, #footer_container { background-color: #ffffff}

Hey @andrew.parrish,

Since this page was not designed to be embedded, you will have to adjust things on your end via CSS / JS. Some things like the bot you will not be able to override.


I cannot for the life of me figure out where the code to remove the footer goes. Are you supposed to place it somewhere within the Zoom branding setting or on your actual WordPress site?
I looked under Zoom branding and couldn’t find anything to do with footers :confused: And, then, I tried applying it to my WordPress code, but the footer is still there. Can someone help me out please?

Hey @Brittney,

Since this page was not designed to be embedded, you will have to adjust things on your end via CSS / JS.


Thanks @tommy for the guidance. Much appreciated!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Did the same steps but when someone tries to register, it appears a captcha that doesn’t works. You can see it here: https://uh.ac.pa/webinar-neuroedu/ Please solve this asap.


I am managed to embed my Zoom Registration Page to my website. However it does not redirect to payment page when I complete the form.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? https://leapoflight.convertri.com/zoomparentingwebinar

Hi @kaedeng,

Unfortunately the registration page is not intended to be iFramed, and you can run into issues when implementing a use case like yours. We recommend not iFraming this page to ensure that any redirects function as intended, especially if receiving payments depends on it.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Hi @claudio.endara,

Please see my reply to your other post here:



My intention is to track Zoom Webinar using FB pixel.
So my pixel will fire
A. when someone lands on registration page
B. When someone register my webinar successfully

I run 2 different Zoom Webinar per month.

Can you share with me how can I work this out?

Hi @kaedeng,

While there’s no way to programmatically track when someone lands on a registration page via our APIs, you can subscribe to our Webinar Registration Created event to know when someone registers:

This webhook is triggered every time someone registers for a Webinar created by one of your app users or account users.

I hope this helps!