Embedding Zoom webinar in website

I have a client requirement where we need to embed zoom webinars into website. We are using Drupal for building the website. My question is if we can create the webinars and start webinars from outside is it better to use JWT to embed and join or Zoom Meeting Web SDK more suitable.
Are we able to create webinars from website as well?
Does Q&A work with JWT as well?
Any documentation links are appreciated.I was looking at this Zoom Meeting Web SDK

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Hi, @shravaniT,
Thank you for posting and for choosing to build with Zoom.

We strongly recommend using the Zoom Meeting Web SDK over JWT. JWT may only be used for internal applications and processes. All apps created for third-party usage must use our OAuth app type.

Yes, you can create a Webinar from your Website via our APIs. We offer Create, Update, Read, and Delete Webinar API endpoints that you can leverage to develop a seamless user experience. As reference, I’ve linked the mentioned API endpoints you will want to use in your developer process below.

Create a webinar

Update a webinar

Get a webinar

Delete a webinar

Are asking does the Q&A feature work with Web SDK ? If so, yes, it works. See a list of supported SDK features in our Zoom Meeting Web SDK help documentation : Zoom Meeting Web SDK

Hi Donte,
Thanks for your reply.
We are making this API calls from a Drupal9 website.We need the Component view of web sdk just to render the meetings/webinars in the websites at this stage with a scope to create/update/delete webinars from websites at a later stage.
In order to render this component view onto website and start the website, i am following this documentation Meetings.
In this for joining the meeting/webinar in the website we need the SDK JWT signature.
Can you please direct me in the right direction.

If i have to follow OAuth as per this (Zoom Developer Docs), I do not see the Join function. Do we have join functionality through website using OAuth as well?